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You're looking fantastic today. I'm aware I can't actually see you but I'm of the type who genuinely believes everyone's beautiful so there you go. You look fantastic.

It's so nice to meet you and I'm so glad that you've found yourself here. I'm Steph, full name Stephanie (though only used by a handful of friends, for reasons still unknown to me).

I am currently based in Auckland, New Zealand. By day, I am a digital content producer at a not-for-profit, filling my 9-5 hours commissioning authors and combing through every tiny detail in text, images and video. Best of all? I get to spend a ton of time policing British spelling (despite spending the three years of my life living my dream in Northern California, surrounded on all sides by 'color' and the best 'neighbors'), and the correct use of apostrophes.

I'm lucky enough to get to pick up my beloved camera as part of my work but outside of that, I am a world traveller, an avid Pinterest-er (@stephstephsoh), cheerleader of people and someone who would love to spend time with you, chatting, laughing and photographing.

So if that's something you'd be down to do, flick an email my way. I can't wait!

In the meantime, swing on by Instagram's way and keep up with me there - @stephstephsoh.

Photo credit | Rachel Stuart